About Us

Travel is an amazing, wonderful product!

Leasure Travel brings people together, secures relationships, and creates life time memories.

Business Travel increases profitability, secures more business, and leads to lasting success.

Group Travel allows families, friends, Sunday school classes, focus groups, special interest groups, sport teams, and co-workers to share their common interests in a vacation spot.

Travel gives you THE TIME, puts you in THE PLACE that best allows you to create success in your private life, and in your public life.

So, plan a Family Vacation! Take the Honeymoon of your Dreams! Invite your group to Maui! Expand your Business outside of your comfort zone!


About Linda Jason


I've been committed to selling travel since 1987.

I'm quick, efficient, knowledgeable and won't leave out ANY of the important details that make for a successful trip!

I am also your personal advocate while you travel.

I am on call 24 hrs - should you need help of any kind... like a delayed or cancelled flight... bad hotel service... etc.
I'll make sure you arrive at your destination, and that you receive what you paid for!

I can also assist with your frequent flyer travel. And, unlike the internet - most vacations can be paid in installments!

I am a Licensed, Bonded, ARC appointed, (CTA) Certified Travel Agent, storefront Retail Travel Agency.... ready to serve all your travel needs!


About Shafik Obeid


For over 50 years I have been working in the airline and travel agency industry.

My motto: Service above Self.

I have worked over 30 years overseas. Including 6 years with Pan American World Airlines as their marketing manager, and 26 years as sales and general manager for two travel agencies. For the last fifteen years, I have been working in Fresno, California as a travel agent. My experience internationally allows me to specialize in individual and group inclusive tours domestically and abroad, including all the European countries. Yes, Thanks to the Lord, over the years, I have had the opportunity to tour many countries in five continents. From the experience of an African Safari, to the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands, to the culture of truly amazing International cities, I would like to be your Travel Specialist.

It is my pleasure to serve YOU our valuable clients and friends.

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